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Urban Gardening
Who are we?

The Patch Allotments or The Patch is a friendly and welcoming group of like-minded people with a passion for ‘growing our own’.  We aim to cultivate a spirit of inclusion, care, support and co-operation and encourage new allotment gardeners.  We work to maintain a good ordered allotment and from time to time organise social events.

​The allotments began in 1973 and are owned by Old Woughton Parish Council (OWPC).  Up until 2008 the allotments were managed by MK Borough council on behalf of the Parish council who charged the parish council £5000 pa plus rent revenue. However, in 2008 all allotments were handed back to parish councils for running their respective allotments. The Patch is the only allotments in Milton Keynes that is open to all Milton Keynes residents. All others are only open to their parish residents.

In 2018 a devolved management agreement was signed between the Patch Allotments Association (PAA) and OWPC which devolved the day to day management of the Patch Allotments to the PAA. Under this agreement PAA manage the Patch on behalf of OWPC and in return all tenant rents are available to the PAA to maintain and improve the site for the benefit of all tenants.

​The allotment site was originally a field owned by a farmer Mr King who kept sheep there, the field was known as the Patch hence the name Patch allotments.

​The allotment site is three-and-a-half-hectare site: There are 220 plots and a small set aside meadow for fauna and flora, the site has an entrance at Newport Rd which is the main gate for cars and pedestrians, there is also a pedestrian gate at the rear of the allotments on the red way by the canal.

​Each gate has a padlock and both can be unlocked with the same key. Each tenant is issued with a key for which they pay £20 deposit, refundable on termination of their tenancy.

​The allotments are an “A” class site which has toilet and water facilities. The toilet was a cubicle chemical type which was rented and serviced by a contractor at a cost of £1200 pa. However, in 2012 it was changed to a compost toilet at a cost of £6000, this was achieved through a grant of £5000 from the Milton Keynes Community Foundation and £1000 from OWPC.

The water is metered, there are 9 standpipes and 8 water troughs which are controlled by ball cocks and tenants are only allowed hose pipes to fill water butts.

​The water is turned off in the winter, from late October to the middle of March.

​The average cost of a 5-pole allotment is about £32 pa, there are concessions for pensioners and residents who live in the Old Woughton parish

About The Patch
Where are we?

The Patch can be found on in the old village of  Woughton-On-The-Green, just down from The Olde Swan.

Why take on an allotment?

Having and working an allotment is enriching, rewarding, fun.  It’s a place to make new friends, involve the whole family in a shared interest, experience the satisfaction of eating an abundance of healthy produce that you have grown yourself, get fresh air and exercise.

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