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The Patch Community

One of the great things about being a tenant of the Patch Allotments is the community; our common interest, shared endeavour and making new friends.  We come together from completely different walks of life and yet we all have this one thing in common, and that is special.  We’d like to see that develop and grow.  There are lots of ways of sharing and doing together, so if you have an idea please tell us, we are all ears!

Whilst people are beavering away on their allotments, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.  For example, administration – licenses and insurance to be organised, memberships renewed, the road has to be kept ship-shape, the hedges cut, the shop stocked and manned, finances managed and lots more.


With this in mind, we’d love to call on you to get involved.

One tenant has come up with the idea of a team of volunteers who can be called on from time to time to get involved in the running of our fantastic allotment:

Voluntary Work Party

If you’d like to get involved in helping around the allotment please let us know, there are a number of things we need help with:


  • Being a Committee member


  • Clearing a disused plot ready for a new tenant 

  • Hedge trimming for new fencing

  • Road maintenance

  • Tea Room tidying

  • Open Day and Social gatherings organisation

  • And much more...

Plot holders' area
Patch Community
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