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Image by Matt Seymour
Coronavirus Update

Date: 21 May 2020

Following the statement given by the Prime Minister on Sunday the 10th May 2020, our position with regards to the Patch Allotments remains unchanged from our previous advice outlined in our original Covid 19 Emergency Measures notice, a copy of which is attached to this email.

We do need to emphasize some of the previous advice and issue some further points that have arisen since we last contacted you all.  

  • You must observe” Social Distancing”. This means you must still stay a minimum of two metres apart.  Do not enter other people’s plots or congregate in groups.

  • Do not wander around the site unnecessarily.

In our Emergency notice we stated, “It is essential that no un-authorised people are allowed onto the site for the duration of this emergency.”. This remains the case, only close members of your family who live within your own home may accompany you to the site but, they must remain within the confines of your plot. If you bring your family and especially your children to the plot, ensure that they stay within its boundaries and do not run around on communal paths and spaces. This includes no cycling around the site or playing at the water points.


Whilst the current Coronavirus continues please do not light any bonfires at all. Please take any rubbish home or to the dump, which is now open. For this, at present, you will need to pre-book an appointment with MK Council on 01908 252811. We must consider our neighbours who have houses where vulnerable people may be getting their only bit of fresh air through an open window or whilst in their gardens. This consideration also applies to BBQs. Any smoke however light can cause annoyance to residents of these homes. We have an appropriate condition in our tenancy regulations that all tenants must abide by to avoid friction being caused between the residents and ourselves. Failure to follow this rule could mean in future further restrictions being applied to bonfires or even the banning of them altogether. The following is an extract from the tenancy regulations and applies regardless of the need for extra care at this time. Bonfires may be lit in accordance with the following rules:

  • Tenants must not light a bonfire if the wind will cause smoke or particles to cause a nuisance to other allotment tenants and neighbouring residents.

  • Under no circumstances shall a fire be left unattended or left to smoulder.

  • Only plant material and scrap wood originating from your plot may be burned. Large woody cuttings that are unsuitable for composting must be dried before being burnt.

  • Under no circumstances may household refuse or any other items originating outside the allotments be burnt on the allotment gardens.

We hope you all remain safe from the virus and keep well and of course have a good season.

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