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Beekeeper with Honeycomb


We have a polytunnel which from May stocks small plug plants and flowers and a 20-foot shipping container as a shop which supplies everything from seeds, pots, potting compost, fertilisers and compost bins.


Our on-site tearoom, which was an ex-RAF 8-man billet-hut, arrived from Oxford folded up on a low-loader. It offers a great space for socialising and meetings.


A bee enclosure is managed by the PAA and is the only area on the site where hives are permitted.  For qualified beekeepers, conditions for keeping a hive in the enclosure should be obtained from the PAA. Training in beekeeping is available for unqualified beekeepers.

We have a composting toilet for the use of our residents.  Funding for this was provided by the Milton Keynes Community Foundation.

Water troughs and taps
A mains water supply is piped round the site to ball-cock controlled troughs. Water from the taps is drinkable and can be used to fill water butts and tanks.

Regular supplies of spent horse manure and bark are provided for the use of residents and can be found at various points around the site.

About The Patch
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