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The Patch Allotment Association Committee Meeting Minutes


Sunday 7th November 2021, 10am.


Members: Les Burgess, Keith Shepherd, Stewart West, John Such, Paul Pizarro, Steve Forrester, Horace Gardner

OWPC:  P. Nash R Kenyon

  • Trustees: Mary Major

Apologies: Kay Forrester, Mike Devonald, Monica Shelly

The minutes of the previous meeting of 10th October 2021, were read by the chairman, Les Burgess, and accepted by the committee as a factual record of the meeting.


  • Next years rent collection:

    • It was suggested that the committee set up collection weekends to allow tenants to pay their rent at the hut. This will be clarified closer to the time next year

    • Repairs to the support posts of the rear pedestrian gate are ongoing.

    • The hut roof insulation is now almost completed. Thanks to the efforts of Stewart and Les. Some minor tidying of the wiring is yet to be completed by installing trunking.

    • The treasurer reported the current balance of the PAA account is £5355:18 with a few plot holders still to pay their rent

    • One outstanding expense of approximately £600:00 is for the next years insurance. Thew exact amount will be clarified once we are invoiced.

  • Incident Book:

    • No new incidents have been reported.

  • Any other business:

    • Third trustee.

      • Mrs Sue Dixon has agreed to stand as the third trustee. Her nomination was proposed by the Chairman Les Burgess and seconded by Paul Pizarro. This was accepted unanimously by the attending committee members.

  • A date of April 10th 2022 was proposed for next year’s AGM.

  • Covid: As HMG are removing the restriction that were in place the committee urge Plot holders to follow the guide lines issued by HMG and act responsibly.


Date of next meeting: the next committee meeting will be 13th February 2022 10:00a.m.

The meeting was closed at 10:38