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Welcome to The Patch newsletter archive 

This page is home to the allotment newsletter The Patch - our regular roundup of what’s happening across the allotment. Please note that the files will download in PDF format.

The Patch Allotment Association Committee Meeting Minutes


Sunday 13th February 2022, 10am.


Members: Les Burgess, Keith Shepherd, Stewart West, John Such,  Horace Gardner, 

Michael Devonald.

OWPC:  P. Nash 

  • Trustees: Sue Dixon 

Apologies: Kay & Steve Forrester, Mary Major

The minutes of the previous meeting of 7th November 2021, were read by the chairman, Les Burgess, and accepted by the committee as a factual record of the meeting. 

Proposed J such     Seconded M Devonald.


  • Next years rent collection: 

    • It was suggested that the committee set up collection weekends to allow tenants to pay their rent at the hut. This will be clarified closer to the time next year

    • Repairs to the support posts of the rear pedestrian gate are ongoing.  

    • The Chairman reported the current balance of the PAA account is £5129.20 .

    • The  insurance has been paid and is current for this year.

    • Plot holders who wish to keep bees or chickens must provide separate personal cover. Evidence of said cover to be shown to the committee

  • Incident Book:

    • One new incident has been reported by S. Forrester on 2/2/22. That all the fence posts left on his plot have been taken (Round boundary/ tree support type stakes)

  • Any other business: 

  • A date of April 10th 2022 was confirmed as next year’s AGM. Advisory posters for the notice boards to be arranged and to include requests for volunteers to join the committee

  • There currently 11 plots showing as vacant however only 4 of these are in a lettable condition. It was proposed by the chairman that the other 7 plots may be let if tidied up somewhat and a dispensation on rent could be offered to any prospective tenant. TBA

  • The approaching Queens Jubilee celebrations are currently being discussed at Parish level with regards to a suitable venue. P Nash has asked for the PAA to participate but as yet could not advise either date or venue until the final date and location has been made. Ongoing.

  • Plot re-staking project has now been completed ; The parish has asked that during plot inspections any broken/missing markers be reported and they will arrange replacements.

  • Horace Gardner proposed a work party to “litter pick/tidy up” the general site as some of the boundary is beginning to look unsightly.                               A date of March 13th has been set. 

  • Keith will arrange for information posters for the notice boards.

  • It has been proposed that the rent discount for parish members be reduced by 5% This has been agreed by the committee and has the support of the three council members. This reduction still needs the approval by the full parish council before implementation. P Nash to advise.

Date of next meeting: the next committee meeting will be 20th March 2022 10:00a.m. 

The meeting was closed at 11:00am.

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