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Important information

Important documents

You can download all of the important documentation relating to tenancy with The Patch Allotments below. Please note that they will download in PDF format:


The Patch Allotments Association Tenancy Terms and Conditions

The Patch Allotments Association Constitution

The Patch Allotments Association Chicken Policy

The Patch Allotments Association Disciplinary Procedure

Health and safety

While all reasonable steps are taken to keep the site as free as possible of potential hazards, but by the very nature of allotments there are risks to be aware of.

  • The main gates should be secured by the drop bolts when entering or exiting the site, the wind could blow them onto pedestrians or vehicles. You can only remove padlock key when hasp is in closed position.


  • The haulage ways are rough tracks going around the allotment site, potential hazards are trips and falls from uneven surfaces, moving vehicles and hose pipes attached to standpipes.

  • The pathways between plots are uneven and slippery when wet.


  • Manure is available on site free to all tenants; care should be taken when handling i.e. wear gloves and wash hands after use.


  • Water troughs could be a hazard to young children, risk of drowning.

  • Standpipes the water is mains drinkable water.


  • Driving on site care should be taken when passing parked cars, there is a mandatory 5 mph speed limit.

Plot holders' area
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